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mercredi 10 mars 2010

3 Moustaphas 3 - Soup of the Century


                                                                                        3 Moustaphas's  Site

01 Bukë E Kripë Në Vatër Tonë / Kalaxhojne (Bread and Salt)
02 Zohar No. 2
03 Soba Song (O Soba, King of the Noodles)
04 Golden Clarinet (Meet Shining Clarinet and Hornet-Yellow 
05 Ti Citron (Little Lemon Tea Return of the Tropical Europe)
06 Sadilo Mome (Gardening - Basil) (Wedding Preparation)
07 This City Is Very Exciting! (Skyscrapers! We Have Travel)
08 Yogurt Koydum Dolaba / Televizyon
09 Lipovacko Kolo (Lime-Tree Place Dance)
10 Madre (To Our Mother)
11 Ya Habibi, Ya Ghaybine (Oh You, My Darling)
12 Mamo, Snezhets Navalyalo (Mum, The Snow Has Fallen Yough)
13 [untitled] - Secret Track

Who is Hijaz Mustapha, and how is he related to Ben Mandelson?
It's arguable that Hijaz Mustapha sometimes shares a consciousness and musical instruments with Ben Mandelson.  They are, however, not the same person.  One of Uncle Patrel Mustapha bin Mustapha's talented nephews from Szegerely, Hijaz is a key member of the legendary 3 Mustaphas 3.  In all their albums and singles, they have fused brilliant narratives and their unique humor/wit with traditional world music forms.

Their albums include:
  • (1985) BAM!  Big Mustaphas Play Stereolocalmusic
  • (1986) 3 Mustaphas 3 Present L'Orchestre "BAM" de Grand Mustapha International and Party: Local Music
  • (1987) Shopping
  • (1989) Heart of Uncle
  • (1990) Soup of the Century
  • (1991) Friends, Fiends & Fronds(compilation)
  • From the Balkans to Your Heart -- The Radio Years (selections from John Peel broadcasts)
  • (2001) Play Musty for Me (the "official bootleg of Mustapha")

In addition, they have appeared, individually or together, on numerous collections, including:
  • Rinkenband: Rikka: "Okinwastaphabilly Mix"
  • various artists: Out on the Rolling Sea: "A Chilling Tale: Harcourt Drowned/Troublesome Water"
  • various artists: Dark Was the Night: "When the War Was On"
Hijaz the musician's work has been featured in the Mighty Clouds of Dust's EP Champion the Wonder Horse (1983; which features future members of the Pogues). More recently, he has lent his fiddle to the Oysterband's Here I Stand. He also guests on another recent album, John Kirkpatrick's Mazurka Berserker.
Hijaz (aka Hank) Mustapha also has production credits that Värttinä (Seleniko), Tarika Sammy (Fanfody), Boiled in Lead (Orb), Dembo Konte, Kausu Kuyateh & the Jali Roll Orchestra (Jali Roll), the Klezmatics (Jews with Horns), Stella Chiweshe's Talking Mbria: Spirits of Liberation, Maurice el Medioni's Cafe Oran, and Tiger Moth (Howling Moth).
He has played guitar on and produced a number of Salamat albums, including Ezzayakoum,Nubiana, and Salam Delta.
A recent interview can be found here.
And then there is Tiger Moth. From the October 2003 issue of fRoots: "Well, if veteran West African bands can do it, why not ancient English dance bands? 1980s reprobates Tiger Moth are reforming for one summer season only in 2004, with most of the original members on board — Rod Stradling (melodeon), Jon Moore (guitar), Chris Coe (hammered dulcimer), Maggie Holland (bass), Ian Anderson (slide guitar) and Hijaz Mustapha (stringed things), augmented by Fran Wade (fiddle) and a drummer t.b.a. to replace the late John Maxwell. Find the old codgers via 020 8340 9651 or email "
For a summary on the differences between Ben Mandelson and Hijaz Mustapha, a list of their instruments (and the tunings they use for the bouzouk), and other interesting pieces of information, see this article from Guitar Player Magazine.
If you're interested in world music (including work by the 3 Mustaphas 3), you ought to have a look at Folk Roots Magazine.

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